Saturday, January 14, 2017

TechnoBuddy Reviews the Telecom related Complaints for their clients in Delhi, Pune and Hyderabad

 TechnoBuddy  which is most popular and India's No. 1 Engineering Pre-recruitment company , is Now working on Various Projects Which is Related To errors and default in telecom  tower and Tower signals.
After over 100 years of practice , telephone companies still can't seem to get it right . In a study of clients over a five-year period, Telecom associates found that 77.4% were incorrectly charged on one or more of their telecom bills. The bulk of these errors were uncovered primarily for local and intralata services.
To eliminate these errors, Technobuddy is looking towards these errors!!
TechnoBuddy's engineers such as Telecom Engineers, Rf survey Reviews Engineers , Networking Engineers , Network Complaints analyst etc.. They all are putting their efforts to eliminate errors and complaints   and They are making Telecom Industry so vast.....

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